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Fashionable One Piece Swimsuits

An upcoming vacation had me looking at so many swimsuits in stores and online. It was refreshing how many fashionable and fun options there are for one pieces in 2017. Unfortunately I could not find one that fit my super long torso in time for my vacation, but I found great options for people to have more standard body proportions.

Target had so many options. It is also worth mentioning that Target now carries bikinis in D and DD cup sizes. They are a great place to look for affordable swimsuits.



This was my favorite of the swimsuits I tried on at Target. It was slightly too short for my torso, but otherwise it was great. The mesh panels are just the right amount of revealing. $40.



This was my second favorite at Target. The back is so pretty in person. The black on black crochet is pretty and not overly bohemian. Unfortunately this back style doesn’t provide tons of support for women with a larger bust. $40.


High neck swimwear is becoming more and more popular. I love it because I think it looks elegant, it also helps prevent sunburns on the delicate skin. Bright patterns are a must in summer for me.TargetSwim5

Only $40, and it looks similar to some much more expensive options.

Every year Nordstrom has cute one piece swimwear. The bad part for me is I always end up liking very expensive swimsuits that they sell.


This Robin Piccone swimsuits is my dream suit of the season. At $158 I just couldn’t justify the price tag (last year I only wore a swimsuit 2 times).


 This Isabella Rose swimsuit is even more stunning in person. i love the romantic floral pattern. At $150 it was also out of my price range.

Anthropologie has a one piece exactly my level of sexy.



I love everything about it, color, deep plunge, and the mostly open back. This OYE Elvira one piece is $350, so I didn’t  buy it because that’s more than my car payment.

Figleaves is a UK based website that I suggest to all the women I know that are busty. It is one of the few sites to have bikinis for larger cup sizes, and they have some fun one pieces.


This Seafolly one is my favorite that they are offering this year. For$142 it is spendy, but it is very different from others I have found.

Remember that swimwear like all fashion is all about personal preference. You should wear what makes you comfortable. One pieces can be fun and sexy, they aren’t just for older women. Also this swimsuit season, don’t judge or body shame other women. Everyone should love their body, but many people struggle with that. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t; say anything at all. Have fun in the sun.

~Caitlin Malia~


My Fashion Addiction: Part 1

I love fashion and clothing of all kinds. There are some items I enjoy more than others, and some that I  am addicted to buying. I can’t even completely explain why. The first addiction I have, and the most impractical, is bikinis.

I love bikinis. It may partly be because I only wear them during fun summer activities, like trips to the river. I only get to wear them about 3 months out of the year, but I like variety.

2015-05-20 14.08.00


This is the second most recent addition to my collection. It is from Victoria’s Secret and was $80. I don’t normally like to spend that much, but this top has underside which I love. Under wire in a bikini top means less neck pain at the end of the day for me.

2015-05-20 14.07.30

I searched for 2 years to find the perfect red bikini. I found this one on The best part is it was on sale for $35. The brand is Pour Moi. I highly reccomend this brand for anyone who has a larger chest. They are well made and go into large cup sizes. Be careful when ordering because they use UK sizing.

2015-05-20 14.05.25

I purchased this bikini because it is simple, and I feel like black is a classic. Strapless is not my favorite. This one is from Victoria’s Secret and has under wire so it stays up pretty well.

2015-05-20 14.03.42

Another Victoria’s Secret bikini. I love the eggplant purple color. I think it is flattering even when I am my most pale. The last time I looked on their site I couldn’t find this style. I really hope they bring it back.

2015-05-20 14.04.49

This bikini was kind of an accident. The picture online looked red. It is in fact pink, but it isn’t super bright. It was also on sale for $39.50 when I bought it. This top has the same fit as the green one up top. If you find a style from Victoria’s Secret there are lots of slight variations available.

2015-05-20 14.06.20


This is a La Playa bikini that I purchased from Brazilian bikini I had wanted a Brazilian style bikini since I was 16. I bought this last August for a trip to Vegas with a friend. The bottom is smaller than I expected, but I love it. After shipping and conversion the bikini cost $70.

2015-05-20 14.06.51


This bikini is from Hawaii. My Mom and I went on vacation in February and I got this. It is RVCA. Their bikinis run $60 to $90 , it completely depends on the style and where you purchase from.

I always think it is interesting to see what other people have in their closets. If nothing else after reading this, you can probably feel better about your own swimwear collection. I do admit it is kinda crazy to have this many bikinis, but I love them all.

The Perfect Swimsuit

Every woman is searching for the perfect swimsuit at some point in their life. We all want something that will make us feel confident and sexy. After all in a bikini we’re about 85-90% naked. The perfect swimsuit is different for every woman, because we all want them to accomplish something different. Some of us want to cover up our butt, some want a suit their boobs won’t fall out of, and some want the smallest bikini possible in order to get your body the most tan.

Victoria’s Secret online has a huge selection, and with many categories it is easy to navigate. They also have a section titled “little black swimsuit” where you can see all their basic and not so basic black swimsuits. It can be tricky to find an all black bikini when you really want one, but Victoria’s Secret makes it simple. The basic black bikini will never really go out of style, and it can easily be mix&matched with another color. This is nice is you are trying to stretch your shopping dollar. This black bikini on the left is $20 for the top and bottom.

Victoria’s Secret online also has 8 different bottom styles to choose from. This makes it easy to find your perfect bikini within the Victoria’s secret brand. They also carry 8 different bikini top styles. This allows you to find the perfect bikini for your body even if you are an uncommon body type. Last year i bought a bikini from Victoria’s Secret because I couldn’t find a top that was supportive in any stores. I loved the bikini. The top was supportive and the fabric was thick enough that nipples wouldn’t show even in ice cold rivers. In my personal experience, and my friends, Victoria’s Secret online has very accurate sizing. As long as you don’t mind ordering from online Victoria’s Secret is a really good option and almost everyone can find a swimsuit they love.

This is a Carmen Marc Valvo one piece offered by Victoria’s Secret that is incredibly sexy. One piece swimsuits are not just for soccer moms.  $125.

This bikini is tied for my favorite offered by Victoria’s Secret this year. The plum color is Gorgeous. $59.

Favorite Bikini Bottom Ever. These hot pink bikini bottoms are from Gap. Over the years I have ended up with 10 or 12 bikinis and I have never found better bottoms than these. This bottom will NOT fall off even if you jump off a 20 foot rock. They are also great for tanning because they  sides are thin and the tie part falls to the side without leaving a weird tan line.

Favorite Bikini Brand: Raisins. Raisins is by far my favorite bikini brand. One reason they are my favorite is because most of the bikinis they make are reversible, top and bottom. This means you essentially get two bikinis in one. Raisins also offers cute details in the side strap of the bottoms. The Raisins bikini i bought last year in Kona has a braided side strap on the bottom. The biggest reason i love this brand is they have super colorful patterns, and all of them are cute. You can find Raisins bikinis at Buckle and Nordstom in Portland. The starting price is about $80 and can go up to $92. This is kind of pricy but you have to remember you are getting two cute bikinis, and they are well made.

Cover Ups. When you’re going to the river or to the beach it is always nice to have a cover up. They are light, cute, and you can put them on if you feel you are starting to get a sunburn. This Sea Foam Green one is from Victoria’s Secret $39.

This cover up reminded me of mexico, sexy and cute. From Victoria’s Secret $58

Have fun searching for your perfect swimsuit this summer. Remember that if you don’t mind waiting a little to buy a swimsuit you can find great sales. As a tip, when you go bikini shopping apply some self tanning lotion the night before. The extra tan will make colors look better, and it will make you look skinnier when trying on suits (who doesn’t want that).