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Fashionable One Piece Swimsuits

An upcoming vacation had me looking at so many swimsuits in stores and online. It was refreshing how many fashionable and fun options there are for one pieces in 2017. Unfortunately I could not find one that fit my super long torso in time for my vacation, but I found great options for people to have more standard body proportions.

Target had so many options. It is also worth mentioning that Target now carries bikinis in D and DD cup sizes. They are a great place to look for affordable swimsuits.



This was my favorite of the swimsuits I tried on at Target. It was slightly too short for my torso, but otherwise it was great. The mesh panels are just the right amount of revealing. $40.



This was my second favorite at Target. The back is so pretty in person. The black on black crochet is pretty and not overly bohemian. Unfortunately this back style doesn’t provide tons of support for women with a larger bust. $40.


High neck swimwear is becoming more and more popular. I love it because I think it looks elegant, it also helps prevent sunburns on the delicate skin. Bright patterns are a must in summer for me.TargetSwim5

Only $40, and it looks similar to some much more expensive options.

Every year Nordstrom has cute one piece swimwear. The bad part for me is I always end up liking very expensive swimsuits that they sell.


This Robin Piccone swimsuits is my dream suit of the season. At $158 I just couldn’t justify the price tag (last year I only wore a swimsuit 2 times).


 This Isabella Rose swimsuit is even more stunning in person. i love the romantic floral pattern. At $150 it was also out of my price range.

Anthropologie has a one piece exactly my level of sexy.



I love everything about it, color, deep plunge, and the mostly open back. This OYE Elvira one piece is $350, so I didn’t  buy it because that’s more than my car payment.

Figleaves is a UK based website that I suggest to all the women I know that are busty. It is one of the few sites to have bikinis for larger cup sizes, and they have some fun one pieces.


This Seafolly one is my favorite that they are offering this year. For$142 it is spendy, but it is very different from others I have found.

Remember that swimwear like all fashion is all about personal preference. You should wear what makes you comfortable. One pieces can be fun and sexy, they aren’t just for older women. Also this swimsuit season, don’t judge or body shame other women. Everyone should love their body, but many people struggle with that. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t; say anything at all. Have fun in the sun.

~Caitlin Malia~


Summer Dresses

Dresses are my favorite thing to wear in the summer when it is hot. While the classic sundress is above the knee, I think a maxi dress is just as summery. Even though I own 20-something dresses I still window shop. Here are some that I found last night when I couldn’t sleep because of the heat.



This red gingham print reminds me of summer time picnics. This dress is from Polly Pop Boutique ( I’ve purchased a dress from them before and was very impressed with the quality. The lower picture is from the instagram account @chicagochicblog. She looks stunning so I had to include it. This dress is available for $64.


I’m a sucker of a tie dye type pattern in the summer. This dress is by FELICITY & COCO, available at Nordstrom for $78.


Who doesn’t love a bold pattern in summer? This dress is also by FELICITY & COCO, for $88. I saw this dress in person 2 weeks ago at Nordstrom, it is much prettier in person.


This is the Found Love Maxi dress by White Fox Boutique. Their website is The unfortunate thing is they are based in Australia. They have tons of sexy, but not too revealing, dress. This one is $75 AUD so approximately $55 US.

If anyone has suggestions on good websites for dresses let me know in the comments. I don’t need any more, but I love to look.

Oregon Summer Ritual: River Days

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to the river. River trips and hiking are the best things about Oregon summers. Once it gets over 80 degrees out though, the river feels like the only good option on a day off.

My favorite river to go to is the Sandy. The water is cleaner than other options in the Portland area, and its beautiful.


Since river days are few and far between as an adult I like to make them count. Sunscreen, snack , and drinks are key components.



Jade and I always over pack.




I am so proud of Chloe (Left). She wore a 2 piece for the first time in 5 or 6 years. I think people should always wear whatever they feel like. Chloe got herself prepared by wearing the swim suit around her house a couple of times before wearing out. I think this is a great tip for anyone. We all had a great time and she was happy she wore the bikini.


It is really important if you bring children to the river to watch them. The water can be dangerous. Luckily we had 4 responsible adults to 1 child. Also, the 2 times he was naughty his Mom put him in 5 second time out and made him apologize and say why he was in time out.

If you live in Oregon you have to do at least one river trip a summer. There is something about it that just refreshes and recharges a person.

My Fashion Addiction: Part 1

I love fashion and clothing of all kinds. There are some items I enjoy more than others, and some that I  am addicted to buying. I can’t even completely explain why. The first addiction I have, and the most impractical, is bikinis.

I love bikinis. It may partly be because I only wear them during fun summer activities, like trips to the river. I only get to wear them about 3 months out of the year, but I like variety.

2015-05-20 14.08.00


This is the second most recent addition to my collection. It is from Victoria’s Secret and was $80. I don’t normally like to spend that much, but this top has underside which I love. Under wire in a bikini top means less neck pain at the end of the day for me.

2015-05-20 14.07.30

I searched for 2 years to find the perfect red bikini. I found this one on The best part is it was on sale for $35. The brand is Pour Moi. I highly reccomend this brand for anyone who has a larger chest. They are well made and go into large cup sizes. Be careful when ordering because they use UK sizing.

2015-05-20 14.05.25

I purchased this bikini because it is simple, and I feel like black is a classic. Strapless is not my favorite. This one is from Victoria’s Secret and has under wire so it stays up pretty well.

2015-05-20 14.03.42

Another Victoria’s Secret bikini. I love the eggplant purple color. I think it is flattering even when I am my most pale. The last time I looked on their site I couldn’t find this style. I really hope they bring it back.

2015-05-20 14.04.49

This bikini was kind of an accident. The picture online looked red. It is in fact pink, but it isn’t super bright. It was also on sale for $39.50 when I bought it. This top has the same fit as the green one up top. If you find a style from Victoria’s Secret there are lots of slight variations available.

2015-05-20 14.06.20


This is a La Playa bikini that I purchased from Brazilian bikini I had wanted a Brazilian style bikini since I was 16. I bought this last August for a trip to Vegas with a friend. The bottom is smaller than I expected, but I love it. After shipping and conversion the bikini cost $70.

2015-05-20 14.06.51


This bikini is from Hawaii. My Mom and I went on vacation in February and I got this. It is RVCA. Their bikinis run $60 to $90 , it completely depends on the style and where you purchase from.

I always think it is interesting to see what other people have in their closets. If nothing else after reading this, you can probably feel better about your own swimwear collection. I do admit it is kinda crazy to have this many bikinis, but I love them all.

Baby got BACK!

Like all Oregonians I am counting down the days until summer and warm weather comes. Until then I look at so many gorgeous garments that are even better during the warm summer months. One of my  year round favorites  is backless dress or dresses with fun back details. There are a few that might come live in my closet.

Butterflies and a bow, perfect combo for summer.

Butterflies and a bow, perfect combo for summer.

Pency Standard does back cut out dresses every season. I love the sleeveless for summer and the floor length skirt somewhat balances out the amount of skin showing.

Pency Standard does back cut out dresses every season. I love the sleeveless for summer and the floor length skirt somewhat balances out the amount of skin showing.

Rachel Pally

The back on this Rachel Pally dress looks elegant and the knit fabric makes them comfortable. The color is also beautiful.

The back on this Rachel Pally dress looks elegant and the knit fabric makes them comfortable. The color is also beautiful.

Tiare Hawaii

This Tiare Hawaii dress would be perfect for the river or the beach.

This dress is white hot, but i don't know what occasion I would wear it to.

This dress is white hot, but i don’t know what occasion I would wear it to.

If you don’t own a backless dress or one with a deep drape, try on one. They are a different way to do a sexy outfit, and they have the wonderful shock and awe factor.

Summer Must Haves

There are some things that every woman should have for summer, no matter what age they are.

Sunscreen is the absolute #1 summer must have.

Sunscreen is key to having a fantastic summer because nobody likes to get sunburnt. I think it is alarming how many girlfriends I have that don’t use sunscreen. The Alba sunscreen smells great, comes in a variety of SPFs, and doesn’t feel thick on your face. Alba sunscreen is also certified organic, so its good for the environment and your skin.

If you don’t put sunscreen on your body you should at least put it on your face. The skin on your face is very sensitive which makes it more prone to develop skin cancer. Another thing you might not know, prolonged sun exposure to the face  with out protection causes wrinkles. Nobody wants a noticeable facial wrinkles by the time they are 25.

A good moisturizer is summer must #2.

A good moisturizer will help your skin cope with the extra sun expose. It can also make your skin feel better if you get a little pink. If you couldn’t tell I really like Alba’s skin care. Their Hawaiian lines smells amazing. I use their Jasmine& Vitamin E moisture cream every night, and it always makes me feel like I’m back in Hawaii.

Cute and simple sundress is summer must have #3.

Sundresses are comfortable and help keel you cool in the hot summer months. If you get a summer dress that is not overly detailed, you can wear it to almost anything(with the right accessories). This dress is $15 from Old Navy. Forever 21 also has some really cute summer dresses that are a good deal.

Awesome sunglasses are summer must #4.

It would be hard to survive summer without sunglasses, so why not make them fun? I love sunglasses with funky patterns or bright colors. Sunglasses not only look good, they protect your eyes and corneas from damaging UVA rays. The top pair is $5.80 from Forever 21. The lower pair are by Carerra Eyewear, available from Nordstrom for $120.

Fun Sandals are summer must #5.

There are so many cute sandals on the market right now. You can get super elaborate beaded ones, strappy ones that require a zipper to get into, or simple leather ones if you are a traditionalist. These lavender colored sandals are only $11 from Payless Shoes.

Look cute and have lots of fun this summer.

~Caitlin Malia~