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Fashionable One Piece Swimsuits

An upcoming vacation had me looking at so many swimsuits in stores and online. It was refreshing how many fashionable and fun options there are for one pieces in 2017. Unfortunately I could not find one that fit my super long torso in time for my vacation, but I found great options for people to have more standard body proportions.

Target had so many options. It is also worth mentioning that Target now carries bikinis in D and DD cup sizes. They are a great place to look for affordable swimsuits.



This was my favorite of the swimsuits I tried on at Target. It was slightly too short for my torso, but otherwise it was great. The mesh panels are just the right amount of revealing. $40.



This was my second favorite at Target. The back is so pretty in person. The black on black crochet is pretty and not overly bohemian. Unfortunately this back style doesn’t provide tons of support for women with a larger bust. $40.


High neck swimwear is becoming more and more popular. I love it because I think it looks elegant, it also helps prevent sunburns on the delicate skin. Bright patterns are a must in summer for me.TargetSwim5

Only $40, and it looks similar to some much more expensive options.

Every year Nordstrom has cute one piece swimwear. The bad part for me is I always end up liking very expensive swimsuits that they sell.


This Robin Piccone swimsuits is my dream suit of the season. At $158 I just couldn’t justify the price tag (last year I only wore a swimsuit 2 times).


 This Isabella Rose swimsuit is even more stunning in person. i love the romantic floral pattern. At $150 it was also out of my price range.

Anthropologie has a one piece exactly my level of sexy.



I love everything about it, color, deep plunge, and the mostly open back. This OYE Elvira one piece is $350, so I didn’t  buy it because that’s more than my car payment.

Figleaves is a UK based website that I suggest to all the women I know that are busty. It is one of the few sites to have bikinis for larger cup sizes, and they have some fun one pieces.


This Seafolly one is my favorite that they are offering this year. For$142 it is spendy, but it is very different from others I have found.

Remember that swimwear like all fashion is all about personal preference. You should wear what makes you comfortable. One pieces can be fun and sexy, they aren’t just for older women. Also this swimsuit season, don’t judge or body shame other women. Everyone should love their body, but many people struggle with that. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t; say anything at all. Have fun in the sun.

~Caitlin Malia~


Hiking as Self Care

During the nice weather months in Oregon my favorite day off activity is to go hiking. To me it is the best form of self care. For anyone unfamiliar with the term self care, a basic definition is intentional actions to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. In today’s technology obsessed society I think everyone should try some type of activity that puts you back in nature. Hiking is my favorite because it gets me out of the city, I get to see beautiful scenery, and it is a good work out which has physical and mental benefits.

Like most mid-twenty-somethings I have a fairly stressful job that will hopefully lead to a bigger and better job. This has made me truly appreciate my days off. Since  I had today off, a friend and I decided to try a new hike in the Columbia Gorge.

Angel’s Rest


Our Hike started just before 10:30am.


20160512_111600 20160512_111550

We are both out of shape and had to take a few breaks. We are smiling big to convince ourselves that the hike will be worth it.


This bridge was tiny and adorable.


Great spot to sit and eat a snack on the hot rocks.


It is always nice to enjoy nature ad the relative peace & quiet.

Spring Time = Sandal Time

I always get excited for spring in Oregon. All the flowers start to bloom and it is beautiful. My favorite thing about spring in Oregon though, is the new wardrobe possibilities. 8 months out of the year it is cold and rainy so clothing and shoe choices are limited.

For me spring means sandals and open toed shoes. Below are some of my favorites for this year.

SamEdelmanSam Edelman Sandals $70 at Nordstrom.

MelissaMelissa Jelly Sandal $50 at Nordstrom.

IvankaTrump-99Ivanka Trump Sandals $100 at Nordstrom.

One thing to remember, a pedicure is your best friend when you wear sandals. I hope everyone is enjoying spring so far.

~Caitlin Malia~

Maxi Dresses for Spring

Spring is around the corner in Oregon. This always gets me excited for warmer weather clothing, even though in Oregon we don’t get to wear it until June usually. Dresses are one of my favorite spring/summer outfits. I love maxi dresses especially because I don’t get the naked feeling in them.

Theory maxi dress $415

Haute Hippie maxi dress $575

Milly maxi dress $416

Lanston boyfriend maxi dress $132

Lanston racer back maxi dress $121

ONE by contrarian Babs bibb maxi dress $425

Indah maxi dress $115

I’m hoping this year I find a maxi dress that is long enough. Fingers crossed.

~Caitlin Malia~