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Boots for Snow

Every year I buy myself a pair of boots. This year I decided to buy a pair of boots that are waterproof, and it was also my first pair of Sorel boots. At first I was not sure about the purchase because they were $100 (any purchase over $50 requires serious thought for me).sorel1

After the first time wearing them I was in love.


Recently Portland has gotten snow and ice, which I do not like. However the wedge heel on these boots it perfect for cracking through the top layer of ice on snow.


The boots make me feel extra sassy because of the wedge. They are also extremely comfortable. I am very impressed with Sorel’s quality so far.


Dreaming About Boots

Fall is my favorite season now that I am an adult. It used to be summer, but  that ended the first time I had to work 5 days in a row of nearly 100 degrees and couldn’t go to a body of water. One of my favorite things about fall is getting to wear all kinds of boots.

Every year I fall in love with a pair of boots, and typically they are so far outside my price range it is comical. This year is no different. The boots I fell in love with this year are by rag & bone.


The full retail price of these boots is $495.


I love the grey color, and for some reason I am drawn to suede shoes. Maybe some day I will win the lottery and be able to afford these boots.

Spring Time = Sandal Time

I always get excited for spring in Oregon. All the flowers start to bloom and it is beautiful. My favorite thing about spring in Oregon though, is the new wardrobe possibilities. 8 months out of the year it is cold and rainy so clothing and shoe choices are limited.

For me spring means sandals and open toed shoes. Below are some of my favorites for this year.

SamEdelmanSam Edelman Sandals $70 at Nordstrom.

MelissaMelissa Jelly Sandal $50 at Nordstrom.

IvankaTrump-99Ivanka Trump Sandals $100 at Nordstrom.

One thing to remember, a pedicure is your best friend when you wear sandals. I hope everyone is enjoying spring so far.

~Caitlin Malia~

Nude Obsession

In the past few months I have fallen in love with shoes in the nude color palette. When I was younger the only nude shoes I knew of were dance shoes for competitions, because they look like an extension of the leg. Nude shoes are easily paired with many things in every day life, like denim jeans.

Nude patent pumps offer a simple sophistication that dresses up denim jeans. These Nine West shoes are available from Nordstrom for $80.

Nude strappy sandals with an evening look elongate the leg, and it keeps visual focus on the ensemble. These shoes are available from Nordstrom for $100.

I had to include these shoes because they are almost identical to a pair of Jimmy Choo’s that are $700. These are only $70 at Nordstrom.

I think the pink nude color is very feminine. The subtle color makes it easy to pair with many different looks. These are available at Nordstrom for $70.

I feel in love with this pair. I think these would look so cute with dark wash trouser jeans and a grey sweater, or a little black dress. These are Chinese Laundry, available at Nordstrom for $90.

The next time you see a nude shoe, give it a second glance.

~Caitlin Malia~




Quality or Quantity?

Quality vs. quantity. This is one of the most important fashion questions a person will face. This is especially important during college years when everyone has a tiny budget.

It is not necessary or financially wise to splurge or spend excessively on every garment in your wardrobe. Buying everything super cheap also has problems, mostly that the clothes fall apart. Every woman has to find her own balance.

My philosophy is that a woman should splurge on items she will wear frequently and can be worn for many seasons. I know I will wear a pair of jeans 200 times before I give them to a friend or Goodwill. This makes it worth it to me to buy some designer jeans. I also fit better in designer jeans because of my big hips and tush.

In general garments on the bottom can be worn more often, simply because people don’t immediately look at a person’s bottom half. If you buy something fairly neutral a skirt or pant can easily be worth a little extra money.

REMEMBER: If you splurge on a pair of expensive pants or jeans or a skirt you must balance it out with a cheap pair. If you buy Citizens of Humanity jeans, make the next pair you buy American Eagle not 7’s for All Mankind.

Shoes are another thing I believe are worth a little extra money. Running shoes and work shoes if you have to wear closed toe should be looked at as an investment. Poorly made shoes are bad for your feet, back, and energy level. Above are the Reebok Easytone shoes which cost $100. I want these for work shoes because a friend told me they are super comfortable at work, and you can feel them working.

Sexy fun girlie shoes can be a splurge or a save item, depending on your wardrobe and personal style. If you want a pair of trendy shoes that might not be as easy to pull off a year or two from now, you probably shouldn’t spend $200 on that pair. For trendy shoes try to shop the bargains, or sales.

These cuff boots from Forever 21 are a good example. I like these, but I won’t wear them a bunch and in 2012 they won’t be as stylish. For $28 I would feel good about this pair of boots.

For the more classic shoes it is understandable to spend more. Black pumps will never go out of style so I think it is reasonable for a woman to spend $100+ on a pair. Certain styles of boots are the same way, like a mid-calf boot with a thicker heel.

This is the pair of boots I am in love with. I’ve been looking for a pair of boots with a heel for 3 years now. This pair is so cute in person, and looks less cowboy-ish in person. I am saving up for these boots because they cost $300. They are made by Fyre so I know they will last 10+ years.

When I started College 2 years ago I had to seriously decrease my shopping budget. The area that I save the most is tops.  I do not splurge or spend as much on tops anymore. I either shop sales, like black Friday, or I go to places like Forever 21 or Target. This has also increased my variety of shirt silhouettes and colors.

This shirt is $23 from Forever 21, part of their new Love 21 line. If you tried to find a similar shirt fro Nordstrom or Macy’s it would easily cost twice that much.

It is easy to stick to a clothing budget, as long as you know which pieces are most important to you. Happy hunting.

~Caitlin Malia~



Cute & Practical Summer Shoes

Summer is great because you can wear your super cute shoes that have been in the closet since October. However, your feet will want a break from sandals occasionally. Sandals and slippers have almost no foot or arch support. Tennis shoes can be cute, and provide comfort and support for your feet. Tennis shoes are also great for days when you know you will be doing a lot of walking.

These nikes are super light weight and comfortable. As a former shoe head i will always be partial to Nike. These are available at famous footwear in a few different color choices. $55

These all white Pumas will make your legs look tanner in the summer. Available at famous footwear $60.

Boat shoes are really cute and come in a huge variety of color and fabric. Available at Journeys $55

Vans got super popular years back for a reason, they are comfortable and breathe well.  They are also nice in Oregon because they protect your feet from flash rain. Available at Journeys $42