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If I Lived A Fancy Life

Sometimes I day dream about what it would be like to live a fancy life, where you had reasons and occasions to wear beautiful clothing and make up . If I lived a fancy lifeĀ  I would definitely buy this dress.


The dress is part of the Spring/Summer 2017 collection from Michael Costello shown at New York Fashion week


Portland Fashion NXT

Sometimes I am a bit scattered. I think all adults are, but I openly admit it.

In October I went to Portland Fashion NXT with a dear friend from college. It takes place the week after Portland Fashion Week. It was super fun and I was very impressed with the show. This past week I found where I had saved the pictures from the show. Sorry they are so behind.


The Mayor of Portland and his wife gave the opening speech. They were very cute, and she is incredibly stylish.


This was the first designer, and my favorite, of the show. All the designers the first night of the show were from China. It was the second year of an exchange with Portland Fashion.


The theme of the collection of m favorite designer was peonies. These are my favorite flowers. I even have a tattoo of a red peony on my ribs.


The collection was very cohesive.


This middle garment was my favorite. This model was also my favorite. She had the best walk, and is breath-takingly beautiful. I found this picture on her istagram @modeltiffanysade

The final collection was all high quality cashmere garments. Every single thing looked cozy and warm, yet fashionable.


This was my favorite piece from that collection. It is what I imagine somebody would wear in a ski cabin/chalet.