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24 Hours in San Francisco

Finding a balance between work and regular life has been a struggle for me for quite some time. After taking a management position my work/life balance only became worse. 6 weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to a Giant’s game in San Francisco. After realizing there is a serious lack of fun in my life I said yes and bought a plane ticket. For me flying to another state with only 6 weeks notice is super spontaneous. As it turns out, my 24 hour trip was super fun.



Taking chances is important in life, and sometimes they work out even better than planned.


I was blessed with beautiful weather on my 24 hour vacation.



This trip made me realize I need to embrace fun, and enjoy life a little more.


Shirts with Words

Many trends from the 90’s are rolling back around. One that I’m excited about is shirts with words on them. I think they are so fun. They can also be made into a casual yet put together look.

Of the shirts with words I have seen, these ones are my favorites.


My natural hair is kinda crazy so I love this shirt. HaloBungalow is the name of the etsy shop that makes this. This tank is $24. There areany other fun options for the same price range available.


Any person who has ever gone to the gym and left sweaty can appreciate this tank top. Available from for $16.99.


I want this shirt to wear with shorts this summer on the not so warm days. This is available from an etay shop called RedBananaDesign. Sweatshirt for $26.75.


Because Sandlot is theĀ greatest childhood movie. This is available on for $30. They have awesome shirts available.


I would wear this to the gym, or out shopping with a girlfriend. This is from an etsy shop that has great workout inspiring stuff, everfitte. This Eco friendly tank is $26.

Fashion should be fun, and all these shirts are fun.