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Fashionable One Piece Swimsuits

An upcoming vacation had me looking at so many swimsuits in stores and online. It was refreshing how many fashionable and fun options there are for one pieces in 2017. Unfortunately I could not find one that fit my super long torso in time for my vacation, but I found great options for people to have more standard body proportions.

Target had so many options. It is also worth mentioning that Target now carries bikinis in D and DD cup sizes. They are a great place to look for affordable swimsuits.



This was my favorite of the swimsuits I tried on at Target. It was slightly too short for my torso, but otherwise it was great. The mesh panels are just the right amount of revealing. $40.



This was my second favorite at Target. The back is so pretty in person. The black on black crochet is pretty and not overly bohemian. Unfortunately this back style doesn’t provide tons of support for women with a larger bust. $40.


High neck swimwear is becoming more and more popular. I love it because I think it looks elegant, it also helps prevent sunburns on the delicate skin. Bright patterns are a must in summer for me.TargetSwim5

Only $40, and it looks similar to some much more expensive options.

Every year Nordstrom has cute one piece swimwear. The bad part for me is I always end up liking very expensive swimsuits that they sell.


This Robin Piccone swimsuits is my dream suit of the season. At $158 I just couldn’t justify the price tag (last year I only wore a swimsuit 2 times).


 This Isabella Rose swimsuit is even more stunning in person. i love the romantic floral pattern. At $150 it was also out of my price range.

Anthropologie has a one piece exactly my level of sexy.



I love everything about it, color, deep plunge, and the mostly open back. This OYE Elvira one piece is $350, so I didn’t  buy it because that’s more than my car payment.

Figleaves is a UK based website that I suggest to all the women I know that are busty. It is one of the few sites to have bikinis for larger cup sizes, and they have some fun one pieces.


This Seafolly one is my favorite that they are offering this year. For$142 it is spendy, but it is very different from others I have found.

Remember that swimwear like all fashion is all about personal preference. You should wear what makes you comfortable. One pieces can be fun and sexy, they aren’t just for older women. Also this swimsuit season, don’t judge or body shame other women. Everyone should love their body, but many people struggle with that. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t; say anything at all. Have fun in the sun.

~Caitlin Malia~


Going Braless…?

Going braless seemed to be all the rage in 2016. When I first heard about this my immediate thought was, oh God no. My chest size has fluctuated when my weight has fluctuated. At my heaviest weight in college my bra size was 32E or 34 DD/DDD depending on the brand. This added a lot to my hesitation to going with out a bra. However I am now pretty in shape and have a smaller chest (32DD last time I got sized). The supposed health benefit to going braless got my attention in 2016 so I started looking into it more.

As a woman that used to have a large chest I can tell you, wearing absolutely nothing is not comfortable. Going braless and wearing nothing for support if you have a large chest can be truly painful. One time in college I ran down the stairs in my condo in just a t-shirt and shorts because I was excited about a delivery I was getting. I immediately regretted my decision and my chest hurt for 48 hours. If you are above a DD cup going braless and having no support will probably not be enjoyable. But if you are below that size there are some minimal support options that are decent.

Bralettes can be amazing. I was turned onto them in 2012 by a co-worker who has a fuller chest than me, and the Free People brand ones worked for her. I learned it is important that the bralette be very fitted if you want it to give you that little bit of support. The ones with thicker straps or racer backs in my experience provide more support. The ones that have practically string for straps as you might guess, provide zero support.

This is the most recent bralette I purchased. It is so pretty in person, and a week after I saw it Victoria’s Secret had bralettes 50% off. So I purchased it for $17.25, but the regular price in $34.50 which I think is a tad high. It provides  a little support, enough that I don’t feel naked. It also makes me feel pretty, I’m a sucker for lace and it reminds me of summer.


This long line racer back style provides a surprising amount of support. It’s no traditional bra, but it keeps everything in place and more comfortable. This one is by Out From Under, $20 from Urban outfitters.



This Free People option is available from Nordstrom for $20, or 2 for $36.


Seamless sports bras are also a nice option if you don’t want a traditional bra, but also don’t want to go braless. This Zella sports bra is $38 from Nordstrom.


If you are okay will going braless but don’t want to have to worry about nipping or a nip slip pasties (silicone nipple covers) are a great option. These reusable ones are available from Target for $9.

Apparently going without a conventional bra forces the muscles to develop more, so in theory your boobs are perkier. You have to start it when you are younger to develop the muscle tone, but no article I found gives an exact age.

For me this will not be an everyday thing, but on the occasional day off I will try it out.

Boots for Snow

Every year I buy myself a pair of boots. This year I decided to buy a pair of boots that are waterproof, and it was also my first pair of Sorel boots. At first I was not sure about the purchase because they were $100 (any purchase over $50 requires serious thought for me).sorel1

After the first time wearing them I was in love.


Recently Portland has gotten snow and ice, which I do not like. However the wedge heel on these boots it perfect for cracking through the top layer of ice on snow.


The boots make me feel extra sassy because of the wedge. They are also extremely comfortable. I am very impressed with Sorel’s quality so far.

If I Lived A Fancy Life

Sometimes I day dream about what it would be like to live a fancy life, where you had reasons and occasions to wear beautiful clothing and make up . If I lived a fancy life  I would definitely buy this dress.


The dress is part of the Spring/Summer 2017 collection from Michael Costello shown at New York Fashion week

Portland Fashion NXT

Sometimes I am a bit scattered. I think all adults are, but I openly admit it.

In October I went to Portland Fashion NXT with a dear friend from college. It takes place the week after Portland Fashion Week. It was super fun and I was very impressed with the show. This past week I found where I had saved the pictures from the show. Sorry they are so behind.


The Mayor of Portland and his wife gave the opening speech. They were very cute, and she is incredibly stylish.


This was the first designer, and my favorite, of the show. All the designers the first night of the show were from China. It was the second year of an exchange with Portland Fashion.


The theme of the collection of m favorite designer was peonies. These are my favorite flowers. I even have a tattoo of a red peony on my ribs.


The collection was very cohesive.


This middle garment was my favorite. This model was also my favorite. She had the best walk, and is breath-takingly beautiful. I found this picture on her istagram @modeltiffanysade

The final collection was all high quality cashmere garments. Every single thing looked cozy and warm, yet fashionable.


This was my favorite piece from that collection. It is what I imagine somebody would wear in a ski cabin/chalet.

Shopping Etiquette

I  was inspired to write this post after a very chaotic week at work. There are certain things that I thought were common knowledge about shopping. Four years in retail have taught me other wise. I realize not everyone has worked in retail, or in an environment where they deal with customers face-to-face. In case you never have, below are some general guidelines of how to be a good shopper. Also some pet peeves of all retail workers you should avoid.


Retail workers are required to greet people. They aren’t necessarily trying to start a conversation or sell you something. Most of the time they are trying to welcome you and improve your shopping experience.

Ignoring them and/or not responding is rude. Is it acceptable to not respond to someone who says hello to you at a social gathering? No. Retail workers are people to and you should treat them as such.

Cell Phone Use

I cannot stress enough how incredibly frustrating it is when someone someone comes up to the register talking on there cell phone. I don’t care what excuse you have, it is rude to talk on your phone when someone is trying to help you. I worked at a coffee shop for a short while in college that had a sign stating, if you are talking on your cell phone we will not serve you.

Since then I have seen these signs plenty of places, but never retail shops. If your conversation is direly important, step out of line and go to a part of the store that isn’t crowded so you can speak to the person. Saying I’m sorry, and continuing to talk on your phone isn’t much better.

If you are on the phone and waiting in line or waiting for help, once an associate is available to help you telling the other person “I’ll call you right back” is excellent. The associate helping you will greatly appreciate this.

Dropping Merchandise and Wrecking Displays

Display tables look so nice when everything is folded properly. These are a high maintenance part of retail and get re-folded at least 4 times in a 9+ hour day. When you are shopping these tables, don’t pull a garment from the middle and let the top half of the pile fly everywhere. Do no knock a pile onto the ground and leave it there. Do not throw a pile of merchandise on top of the table if you decide you no longer want those items.

Please do: lift up the top portion of the pile to reach an item in the middle. Accept help when offered from a sales associate if you want an item in the middle of a pile or somewhere difficult to reach. Ask a sales person for help if you do not see you size. If you knock something off of the table please for the love of God, pick it up. If the clothes are not yours, leaving them on the ground is not an acceptable life choice.

Leaving Behind Drinks

In my four years of retail I have seen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise have to be damaged out of stock because customers left behind half empty drinks that spilled. I know sometimes we all set down our coffee cup to pick something up or get more comfortable, which is okay.

However, it is NEVER okay to leave a half empty drink on a shelf, on a table, or on a rounder in a store while it still has fluid in it. When sales associates have to clean at night it is incredibly frustrating to find half empty drinks, like inside of a shoe or underneath a pile of men’s jeans (gross).  Every store has a trash can, and if you cannot find it there is someone who can help you or throw it away for you. In your lifetime you get a few chances to legitimately leave a drink, forget it, leave the store, realize it later, and not feel bad. But don’t make a habit of this, it is a big deal.

ross-drinksThat drink left behind could get spilled and ruined all those pairs of shoes.

Watching Children

If you take your children shopping please keep a close eye on them. This is so important because there are so many ways an unattended child can get hurt in a store. One of my top three most difficult/frustrating days working in retail was when a child’s arm was sprained or broken in the escalator hand rail feed. The child and parents were told twice playing on the escalator was dangerous, and to stop. But the child got injured because the parents didn’t want to be parents, they wanted to shop. Nobody wants there child to get hurt or kidnapped while shopping so watch your kid.

To the parents out there who tell their kids to stop it when wrecking things, or tell them they will get a time out for misbehaving in the store, THANK YOU! You get so many brownie points. Retail workers get so happy when parents act like parents because, sadly, it is rare.

Dressing Room Rules

Every store that has dressing rooms has rules. Please follow them. If you try to break them and a sales associate tells you no, don’t make their life a living hell.

If you want to be the best customer ever, hang the clothes back up the way they were before you tried them on, bring the fitting room attendant your number tag if given one, and say thank you when leaving the dressing room area.

Communicating Your Shopping Needs

If you need something specific, ask for help. This is in your best interest. Sales associates are often fashion savvy individuals, you just cant tell because of uniforms (or they don’t want to wear their favorite clothes to work to have it ruined by a stray hanger). Many times they can help you find an item and things to match with it. They will also be able to tell you if the store has nothing even remotely close to that, possibly saving you an hour of your life walking around the store frustrated.

Small Talk

People who work in retail get treated like dirt, and we can’t say anything about it because we could lose our jobs. Talking to sales associates and cashiers like they are people, and in a nice tone, will get you major brownie points. You will possibly make that persons day. Also, that person will be more likely to help you if there is something you need that is not at their store. Seriously, be nice, it could start a wonderful chain reaction.

As a side not for anyone who has not worked in retail, look up retail robin on Pintrest or Google. It will help you understand the retail struggle. Below are some highlights.




This one rings true for me because I have had coworkers and customers tell me I am so patient and nice. It is a learned professional skill.


I hope this is helpful. I don’t want this to be seen as negative, but there are some shoppers out there who make retail workers want to pull their hair out. I wrote this so everyone can know what to avoid if they do not want to be that person, and what you should do if you want to be a super awesome human being.

~Caitlin Malia~


Summer Dresses

Dresses are my favorite thing to wear in the summer when it is hot. While the classic sundress is above the knee, I think a maxi dress is just as summery. Even though I own 20-something dresses I still window shop. Here are some that I found last night when I couldn’t sleep because of the heat.



This red gingham print reminds me of summer time picnics. This dress is from Polly Pop Boutique ( I’ve purchased a dress from them before and was very impressed with the quality. The lower picture is from the instagram account @chicagochicblog. She looks stunning so I had to include it. This dress is available for $64.


I’m a sucker of a tie dye type pattern in the summer. This dress is by FELICITY & COCO, available at Nordstrom for $78.


Who doesn’t love a bold pattern in summer? This dress is also by FELICITY & COCO, for $88. I saw this dress in person 2 weeks ago at Nordstrom, it is much prettier in person.


This is the Found Love Maxi dress by White Fox Boutique. Their website is The unfortunate thing is they are based in Australia. They have tons of sexy, but not too revealing, dress. This one is $75 AUD so approximately $55 US.

If anyone has suggestions on good websites for dresses let me know in the comments. I don’t need any more, but I love to look.