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Portland Snow Day 2017

For the first time in my working life I called out from work because of snow. Portland got over a foot of snow and Oregon Department of Transportation said chains were required for any state roads. I have had my car less than a year so I do not have chains. The buses were all messed up from the snow as well, so I got to have a snow day as an adult.


Annie’s Donuts was open today, and they had plenty of room to park you skis. Also, they make the best classic donuts in town.



The snow makes everything so pretty. I just wish it wasn’t so dangerous. Portland is not equipped to deal with this much snow. Hopefully everyone stays safe and finds a way to enjoy the snow.


New Year’s Resolution

For the last 5 years I have not made New Year’s resolution. I read an article that many people do not stick to their resolutions because there is no accountability. So instead of resolutions I now make yearly to-do lists.  I print it out and put it on my bedroom wall. Every time I accomplish something on the list I make a check mark next to it, because check marks are so satisfying. Below is my list for 2017.

2017 To Do List

Go camping

Get a massage

Get a facial

Try 3 new hikes

Take an art class

Save $500 for travel

Save $1000 for moving

Get a promotion

Move to California

Give Blood

Visit Jessica

I have never had a year that I completed every single thing on my list, but I really want to this year. Posting this is just one more way for me to hold myself accountable.

24 Hours in San Francisco

Finding a balance between work and regular life has been a struggle for me for quite some time. After taking a management position my work/life balance only became worse. 6 weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to a Giant’s game in San Francisco. After realizing there is a serious lack of fun in my life I said yes and bought a plane ticket. For me flying to another state with only 6 weeks notice is super spontaneous. As it turns out, my 24 hour trip was super fun.



Taking chances is important in life, and sometimes they work out even better than planned.


I was blessed with beautiful weather on my 24 hour vacation.



This trip made me realize I need to embrace fun, and enjoy life a little more.

Hiking as Self Care

During the nice weather months in Oregon my favorite day off activity is to go hiking. To me it is the best form of self care. For anyone unfamiliar with the term self care, a basic definition is intentional actions to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. In today’s technology obsessed society I think everyone should try some type of activity that puts you back in nature. Hiking is my favorite because it gets me out of the city, I get to see beautiful scenery, and it is a good work out which has physical and mental benefits.

Like most mid-twenty-somethings I have a fairly stressful job that will hopefully lead to a bigger and better job. This has made me truly appreciate my days off. Since  I had today off, a friend and I decided to try a new hike in the Columbia Gorge.

Angel’s Rest


Our Hike started just before 10:30am.


20160512_111600 20160512_111550

We are both out of shape and had to take a few breaks. We are smiling big to convince ourselves that the hike will be worth it.


This bridge was tiny and adorable.


Great spot to sit and eat a snack on the hot rocks.


It is always nice to enjoy nature ad the relative peace & quiet.

Oregon Summer Ritual: River Days

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to the river. River trips and hiking are the best things about Oregon summers. Once it gets over 80 degrees out though, the river feels like the only good option on a day off.

My favorite river to go to is the Sandy. The water is cleaner than other options in the Portland area, and its beautiful.


Since river days are few and far between as an adult I like to make them count. Sunscreen, snack , and drinks are key components.



Jade and I always over pack.




I am so proud of Chloe (Left). She wore a 2 piece for the first time in 5 or 6 years. I think people should always wear whatever they feel like. Chloe got herself prepared by wearing the swim suit around her house a couple of times before wearing out. I think this is a great tip for anyone. We all had a great time and she was happy she wore the bikini.


It is really important if you bring children to the river to watch them. The water can be dangerous. Luckily we had 4 responsible adults to 1 child. Also, the 2 times he was naughty his Mom put him in 5 second time out and made him apologize and say why he was in time out.

If you live in Oregon you have to do at least one river trip a summer. There is something about it that just refreshes and recharges a person.

Happy 25th Birthday to me!

I celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday, and today. I am so incredibly blessed to be happy, healthy, and have wonderful people in my life.



Spent my actual birthday, May 6th, exploring.


I am obsessed with this dress. I bought it in Hawaii when I went this year from a boutique called Pineapples. I have to find more reasons to wear it.


 Tabitha and I post celebration.


It sounds strange to many people, but it is tradition for me to make my birthday cake every year. I love to bake. Some day I will own a bake. For now I just have fun making yummy cakes.

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. I enjoy all things visual and this is a great outlet for me. Hopefully in my 25th year there will be exciting new things.

Fun Nails

In the past I have always done what I consider classic nails. My usual is nude or fire engine red.

Recently I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try fun nails. To me this means patterns or bright colors. I have tried many nail strips in the past, so I figured that would be a good place to start. Attempting to do a design by hand on my own nails would be a horrible disaster. To the people out there who are capable of that, you are amazing. More power to you.

Incoco nails green

One night after work I was browsing Amazon and found Incoco.

Incoco Nails green

These nail strips are amazing. They are simple to apply after the first one, and they look amazing. The pictures don’t quite do justice to the pattern detail, or the amount of shine. If you want to try something new on your nails I highly reccomend these.

~Caitlin Malia~