3D nail art is not something most people have in their day to day life. Unless of course you live in Japan, China, or England. My friend and I found awesome pictures and decided to get our nails done like this.

We are doing it in Las Vegas when we go for her 21st birthday.

This picture started it all. Funny thing is after all my research this is still one of my 2 favorites( there was a tie).

I wanted to share these pictures because I think it is amazing artwork to do in such a small space.

This is the other one that tied for m favorite.

These reminded me of the Lolita girls in Japan. I love the color.

These remind me of a disco. I love all the glitter.

I would totally rock these at New Years.

I will always be a sucker for red nails. i think they are classic and beautiful.

If you like these pictures check out this woman’s blog. Its amazing.


This picture is not from her site, but I thought these were pretty crazy. This picture is dedicated to my friend Jill.

As a warning if you do like these nails, it is expensive to do. But there are some things you only do once in life, purely for the experience.

~Caitlin Malia~