At first I though leggings would be a one season thing, but they seem here to stay. Leggings can be cute when worn with the right top and shoes. Leggings can also look terrible if they are the wrong size or a bad color. Recently I bought my first pair of leggings, since the age of 8 that is. I tried them one with a bunch of clothes I have to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Rule # 1: Buy the Right Size of leggings

This picture of Paris Hilton is a great example of why you should buy your size. Nobody needs to see your butt, furthermore your underwear should not be visible. If you go to buy leggings and it says one size fits all, they only look good on small/petite women. If you buy leggings that are too small for you the fabric stretches more than it should and there is that shine around the thigh, and areas that are a little see through.  I bought my leggings at The Gap, they have size x-small through 2x-large.

Rule # 2: Leggings Are NOT Pants


Why would you want people to be able to see so much detail of your butt? If you have cellulite it shows through leggings. Wearing leggings as pants will get you lots of attention, and you may not want all of it. Your shirts should cover at least a little of your butt when you wear leggings.

Rule # 3: White Leggings look bad on 99% of Women

These women look ok is white leggings because they are runway models. If you do not have a body like a run way model white leggings are not a good look. White makes everyone look wider, and if you have womanly hips it will make them look huge. The white crop leggings make leggings look stubby and like they are popping out of a low flying cloud.

The Best Ways to Wear Leggings

1.)With a tunic top or oversized shirt that covers most of your butt.

2.)With Boots of any kind: slouch, knee high, chunky heel, etc.

3.) My personal favorite is wearing leggings with a sweater dress or oversized sweater.

Leggings can be cute and slimming when worn property. When it doubt black looks good on everyones lower half.

~Caitlin Malia~